Detailed Recipe: … indian food cooking cuisine recipe recipes video videos hetal anuja showmethecurry show me curry lauki subzi doodhi dudhi squash opi “bottle

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10 Responses to “Lauki (Doodhi) Subzi – Indian Vegetarian Recipes”

  1. hucky22 Says:

    1st Comment .
    P …

    1st Comment .

  2. ushadu Says:

    what is this lauki …
    what is this lauki ? anyhow thx for the recipe.

  3. TooLooseLeTrek Says:

    Is this the same as …
    Is this the same as opo squash? It would help if you showed us the vegetable before chop-chop. This looks good.

    What do you think about substituting the milk for diluted yoghurt?

  4. SasyBecause Says:

    Okay this lauki… …
    Okay this lauki… I dont recall seeing it .. But I wasnt looking for it .. If I can not find it which squash could be used in its place ?

  5. naeladurrani Says:

    Its called Loki or …
    Its called Loki or Lauki
    but in the store it is called Opo Squash-
    No need to peel it…just cut it up

  6. naeladurrani Says:

    Lauki or Loki is …
    Lauki or Loki is Opo Squash – It is a long and fat lite lime color squash…

  7. naeladurrani Says:

    Opo Squash- It is …
    Opo Squash- It is an awesome Squash

  8. naeladurrani Says:

    Have you ever made …
    Have you ever made a Loki/Lauki Gohst? It is amazing

  9. TooLooseLeTrek Says:

    So…is opo and …
    So…is opo and lauki one in the same, or different?

  10. amin1950 Says:

    Are you sure about …
    Are you sure about the – no – peeling?

    I have to think we grow it here, in the U.S., but we just know it by a different name.

    And, yes, I would liked to have seen it in its natural state.

    I want this, and I want it to be good.

    Harry Singh, the Punjabi behind me, says he knows about this. He was eating it all the time over there!

    He’s a slumdawg! But not a millionaire.


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